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So i got an answer from my source, which humble translation follows:

"This is a sword of Portuguese fabrication, of the transition XV to XVI century, more specificaly speaking betwen 1495-1520, therefore purely "Manuelina" (1495-1521). Pommel and guard are from the same artist, well sculpted and very well embedded in silver. One of the button guards is missing, but it is not restored, as it is preferred to stay as it is. The blade is from one of the German smiths who then worked in Lisbon. Its inscription is characteristic: “ JVAN DE ALEMÃO” , that is “ João o Alemão” or “JOHANN DER DEUTSCHE”. The blade has a recess in the ricasso to lodge the index finger. An excelent combat sword, both fit fo thrust and cut, used by a person of social status, once it should have been rather expensive in the period. The pommel shape most modern for the period, already with the initial renaissance features, thus abandoning the late gothic. It shows a good blend of Portuguese and German sword, as it was appreciated in Lisbon at the time. "
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