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Default First posting/ Opinion asked, Possibly Execution tool?

Got this as an payment, for an work I have made for this estate, since last summer ( 2017 )
Hope to gain some info.
What I assume, from the little info I got; German speaking / mid European origin, propably mid to late 18th century item.
Have been originally intended to be instrument of person who has carried out death penalty, and propably used, because large amount of material has been lost, due repolishing atleat one side of the blade.
According family tradition, item has been at private? Museum at some where at Eastern Europe, until around 1990? when purchased,
Prior to that ( early 20th? century ) used to be at wall of local town hall / hall of Justice, at town where it was purchased.
I have show it at two local people, who said both that is is fantasy piece, another said that it is for theatre or play acting purposies, but both were willing to pay some nominal sum of it.
My main question is huge conflight of timing. Late owner thinking it is 18th
century and gun specialist saying that it is brand new chinese or 100 years old theatre propt
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