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Originally Posted by Reventlov
Hi Roland,
May I ask what sources are you referring to?

Oh I afraid, my source is nothing compared to yours. Here is a direct translation from ... German Wikipedia :

"Tizona, according to legend, was captured in battle by a Moorish captain named Malik Bukar. The medieval heroic epic on the Cid reports that he later presented the sword to his daughter's husband as a wedding present. After this had mistreated the young woman and was killed by his father-in-law in the court fight, the Cid took Tizona back and later gave his nephew Pedro Bermúdez.

The sword is 103 cm long and 1.1 kg heavy, the blade alone measures 78.5 cm in length and is 4.5 cm wide. Traditionally, Tizona is believed to have been forged in Córdoba. The blade also contains a considerable amount of Damascus steel.
According to the opinion of the University Complutense Madrid, the sword comes from the time of the Cid and is of high quality."

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I dont know, what the wikipedia-definition of damascus steel is. If I read the German Wikipedia-article about damascus steel, they show pictures of a modern pattern welded folder.
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