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Default Austro-Hungarian navy sword for comment

It has been a while since I bought a european weapon. Last mounth i bought a sword that I belive is the Austro-Hungarian navy sword model 1850/71. Sadly there is no scabbard. I have been looking at all the swords of that model i can find online. The hilt is correct for the model although this exampel seem to be of higher quality then the average one. The blade is marked Eisenhouer and Damaststahl, I can not find any other examples of the 1850/71 with damascus steel blade. The blade construction with the pipeback being flatened to form a false edge towards the tips does not look to me like other exampels of the model where th pipeback runs through the tip of the blade.
There is no makers mark one either the blade or the hilt. And as far as I can tell these swords were used up untill WW1.

I am hoping that some forumite the has more knowlage in these area of collecting can tell mer more about this sword. Is it possible to tell if it is an early or a late model? Any thought on origin or maker. Any thoughts on the blade, is it a replacement or some sort of privete purcase? Any other toughts?

Thank you for your time.
regards Peter
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