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Aha! is seee the feature fernando was looking at, it's not another repair. he was seeing it at the wrong angle it that projection i've marked....looks like a lump head on. where he circled it in yellow.

the bit you point to with the ballpoint could be a broken off projection or could have been made like that, still looks a bit blurry to me. If it was broken off, it'd likely have a grainy break surface, with sharp edges, but could have been filed or worn smoother over time. it could have connected elsewhere on the guard, and be smoothed down there too. a field repair?

i have a late 18c french dragoon sword modified or repaired for US continentals that has a branch removed & smoothed to where it is barely perceptible to the eye, but you can feel it a bit lumpy there. anyway, the minor defects add character and improve the story...
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