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Originally Posted by mariusgmioc
Already tried brushing off the brown rust. Even added some WD40. Some came off, but most of it remained.

I am now considering using Hammerite Kurust to somehow inactivate the brown rust but I am reluctant to do so before learning more about it.

Is somebody familiar with Hammerite Kurust?

Kurust can stain your blade so I wouldnt use it.
Stubborn rust can be gently removed with a soft brass brush or using the edge of an old copper coin ..... these will not scratch the iron but will loosen the brown rust . In areas I have treated in this way I gently warm the metal to drive off moisture from the pores and pits and then melt beeswax on to the affected area , and polish. If you simply oil or wax w/o warming first , then as has been said , rusting may continue under the protective layer .
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