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In this particular case I would call it Hungarian only because it’s written ”Hungaria” on it. I don’t think it was made in Hungary or even intended to be used there. I never saw such a blade mounted on a Hungarian sabre used locally and would love to see one. Also when I see very patriotic things I think of nationalism which was arguably predominantly a 19thC thing (the Revolutions of 1848, German unification, etc) spilling into the 20thC. My impression is that people in the 17thC didn’t think in terms of nation states but fought for their God/king/commander/city/comrades/family/money. So when I see blades with very nationalistic slogans I think of 19thC. I would’t be surprised if these blades were produced in Solingen and marketed as ”Hungarian” to peoples who admired the fighting abilities of the Hungarian hussar and wanted to buy whatever equipment they were believed to have used.

We had a similar discussion about Portuguese swords, I believe. Is a sword produced in Spain and then bought and used in Portugal a Portuguese sword? Is a sword made in Solingen in Spanish style and then bought and used in Spain a Spanish sword?
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