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Originally Posted by mariusgmioc
To me, this looks clearly like a Solingen blade... possibly engraved in Hungary. Pretty much the same "Hungarian" blade (made in Solingen) like the one in the Arabian Shamshir in the Ethnographic section:

As far as I know there were NO blade making centers in Hungary and ALL the "Hungarian" blades were made in Solingen or other places in Germany and Austria. As far as I know... but that doesn't stretch too far.

Does anybody know of any proof there were blade making centers in Hungary?

Does anybody know of a Hungarian swordsmith?

Just because we donít know of Hungarian swordsmiths doesnít mean they didnít exist. In my previous post I tried to explain that Hungary probably doesnít have a competitive advantage in blade production compared to other locations rich in iron ore and steel etc so perhaps smarter to import sword blades. Also I tried to explain how Hungary was misfortunate to be ravaged by near constant warfare for not decades but CENTURIES. Most of Hungary was occupied by the Ottomans and virtually ceased to exist. Itís quite difficult to maintain manufacturing traditions under these circumstances. It seems there were swordsmiths in Hungary but unlikely these could rival peers in Solingen, Passau, Toledo, Damascus, etc: as an example
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