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Default Early Hungarian Sabre

Hi Guys

I am trying to find out more about this sword for a friend who collects Austro-Hungarian Edged weapons, but at 82 refuses to go on the internet. The dealer who sold him the sword in 1983 described it as “The sword is 36 ½” with 31 ¾” blade. It is a Mameluke hilted sabre or shamshir with a curved blade with two fullers. At the forte of the blade there is an ornate standing figure of a sword carrying hussar about 3 ½” in height above which is the inscription “RINIERE AUTMO HUMGARIA”. This inscription is in script and it is possible that I have misread on or two of the letters. Above this inscription is an engraved figure of a lion (passant). All the foregoing are on both sides of the blade.

The hilt consists of an iron crossguard of Mameluke form and two piece horn grip covered with leather. The scabbard is wood covered with hand tooled leather and has two suspension loops. There is some splitting of the leather about 3” from the bottom end. The remainder of the sword and scabbard is in good untouched condition.”

My apologies for the quality of the pictures but this is the best we have.

What I am hoping is that someone may specialise in this area and be able to tell me more about this sword, particularly some indication of age.

Cheers Cathey and Rex
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