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Originally Posted by Foxbat
We tend to romanticize the things we like, and estoc is no exception. The fact it had limited utility does not detract from that fascination. I have several of them in my collection, and have done tons of reading on their capabilities and application, and I love them, but I will not claim some miraculous power to them.

Truth be told, it didn't have to pierce the plate or high quality mail to be effective on the battlefield, as there were plenty of targets, suitable for its blade. Other weapons, things like maces and hammers, plus the pole arms, were more commonly employed against the armor.

I suppose estocs were less effective against well designed plate armour than chainmail and disappeared from use in the Western European theatre of war, especially when the matchlock and wheellock gun was introduced. In Eastern Europe however, the estoc continued in use together with the mace and warhammer well into the 18thC. This was not at all for romantic reasons, it was just that the Ottomans continued to use chainmail until then and these weapons continued to be useful for their purpose. I would certainly not dare to test wearing a chainmail and be subjected to a charge by the Hungarian estoc posted above!
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