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1796 Light Cavalry Officer's Sword with folding sideguard.

Blade is normal 1796 dimensions, and retains considerable bluing and gilding. Blade is signed "Osborn's Warranted".

Scabbard has lost most of the gilding on it's mounts. Top chape is detached and has had the hanging ring broken off; is signed "Henry Osborn, Bordesly near Birmingham"

Hilt is of gilt copper, pretty worn. The quillon is a restoration (and a little too straight). Original leather covered grip with wire wrap.
The interesting feature is the hinged sideguard, ala the French "attack" guards. The facetted ferrule at the grip base has a knob protruding on the right side. The knob is connected to a blade that engages a slot on the hinged sideguard to lock it in place when extended. The spring inside the ferrule that activated the knob/blade is either broken or jammed, and the blade no longer engages the slot, so you can't lock the sideguard now.

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