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Originally Posted by Ian
I'm definitely not an antique gun guy but this gun interests me, particularly the small tube on the top of the stock.

The gun has a long barrel and is of relatively small bore, suggesting it would be reasonably accurate at some distance. However, there is no obvious aiming device to facilitate accuracy at any distance. The tube on the stock obviously held something, and I'm going to suggest that it held an aiming device (a sight) that could be adjusted up and down for aiming at various distances. The tube lines up with the center of the barrel, which would support my theory. However, there is no foresight and I'm not sure how the gun was aimed without one.


Hi Ian.

Well, that may be the best guess yet. When you first mentioned this it made me think of the Japanese matchlocks that used seperate rear sight pieces (depending on anticipated range) that were removable.
So maybe this tube held different rear sight pieces used for the same purpose (?) Hmmmm. But they all seem to have this same tube. A really curios feature with these guns.

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