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Originally Posted by Ian
I just noticed that the one that slipped by us last night has a brass hilt of similar form to the bone one on my example in post #21 of this thread. Maybe this is a common Nias style. I am not sufficiently familiar with Nias hilts to know whether it is common. What do you think?

Hi Ian,

very good possible. This knives have a similiar blade shape like the so called Si euli, see here:, I think that only the first and third piece are old/antique examples, the one in up is very similar like our examples and the third has maybe a recent scabbard, but this I can only guess by pictures.
Here was dicussed another one:
Look also by Zonneveld on page 123-124.
The only difference I can judge is the scabbard so I think that the upper one from DaveS is a similar pisau like our ones.

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