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Default an excavated viking pommel and other for comment

An excavated Viking pommel and other for comment.

N.1 ) is An incomplete copper-alloy sword pommel of Early Medieval date, c.AD 900 - 1100. The pommel is of Petersen's Type L, VI late lobed form.

The pommel is broadly triangular in profile, pointed oval in plan and has a hollow interior. The base is curved and would have rested upon a concave pommel bar. The upper portion of the pommel is shaped into five rounded lobes which increase in width, thickness and height from two small lobes at the outer edges to a large lobe. Each lobe is separated from its neighbour by a groove. The central lobe has a central circular perforation, through which the tang of the sword would have passed. The metal has a dark green patina and is worn. The object is 53.6mm long, 33 mm wide, 16.8mm thick and weighs 56 g.
other example and a sword with the same pommel
For a good database for research see:

n2 ) a Saddle pommel
Broad period: POST MEDIEVAL
Incomplete cast copper alloy decorative saddle pommel, ovate in plan and plano-convex in profile. There are height engraved grooves which follow the curvature of the pommel as they run along its length.
Cast copper alloy two-piece decorative saddle pommel. Only two thirds of the pommel remain as the area where the rivet holes would have been has been sheared off. There may have been two other wings at either side with rivet holes in them, but these have been broken off if they existed.
The pommel would have been riveted onto a wooden protrusion on the front of the frame of the saddle, to which the reins could then be secured. Saddles were wooden-framed and leather-clad at this time in order to support a man in full armour.
Saddle - Northern European, late 17th century in the tower of LONDON

N3 A medieval copper alloy dagger disk pommel
Oval shaped 34mm /37mm , 24 mm thick and weighs 62 g.

n4 could it be a dagger pommel ?
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