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Default Problems with translations

Hi Madnumforce

I agree, when I translated 303 even Google did not produce a reference to Coullier as the originator of the attack hilt. In Sims English notes on the French Swords, which he also kindly sent me he still has this reference. Sim did say that the Dutch wife of a friend did the translating so this might be where things went wrong. I might have to get a copy of Petards book myself anyway, looks like a good reference source, although I note it is Volume 3 of a set.

I may also take you up on the offer of translating from time to time, if you don't mind as I am starting to buy references in French as well as English.

I am still curios as to where the term Attack hilt came from? I think we will never really know who came up with the idea of the folding guard and to what purpose.

Cheers Cathey and Rex
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