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Oh damn. That's really just a case of a complete absence of a translation, or complete misunderstanding. The paragraph numbered 303, mentioning Coullier, describes the sword numbered as picture 14, exactly the same kind as the one I gave a link to Mr. Malvaux antiques website in my previous post. There is absolute unmistakable certainty about it: it talks about a cock's head with feather chiseled on the grip all the way to the crossguard/crosspiece. The previous "model", which was designed for the Gardes Franšaises (when it was still the "plain" monarchy), was also designed and made by Coullier... and that it was an eagle head instead of a cock.

But it seems that of the four descriptions, the 303 is the only one fitting one of these nine pictures, so it's probably a bit of a mess to spot which description matches with which picture in the book.

You can tell Mr. Comfort that next time he needs a translation from French, he can ask me. I can't let this kind of thing ever happen again.
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