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Default Tournantes Guard sword

Hi Madnumforce

Thank you for your input and at this point I think I share your scepticism. However, I am hoping that Sim has had access to some reference material that will shed light of his view and the connection with Coullier in the 1780s, so I have flicked him an email to ask what he has based this view on. He gives references at the end of each item he discusses, but these do not appear to address the connection with Coullier either.

I also find the Naval connection rather wishful, I scanned every Tournantes Guard sword reference in my copy of LHOSTE Jean, & RESEK Patrick LES SABRES PORTÉS PAR L'ARMÉE FRANÇAISE, then translated the text to English via Google and the majority of these swords appear to be Cavalry or Infantry, a small number attributed to Navy only. At times like this I wished I could read French, thank goodness for Google translations (although they can be rather strange at times). I used to steer away from Sword books not written in English, but I am over than now.

The other thing I was wondering is where the term Attack hilt came from. When you speak with English and Australian collectors this is the term they appear to favour for these folding guard swords, but I can find not definitive reference to its use.

I will let you know if I hear back from Sim on this subject.

With regard to the great illustration you have posted is there some text to go with it that you could post the describes the various figures?

Cheers Cathey
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