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Default Assam Regiment Dao (dha,dah) ?

Found this neat little knife on Ebay for less than $20 so I figured that I couldn't go wrong. It is fairly new and unused, and seems native made. As shown in the pictures the butt cap is brass and made like those found on Kukhuris. It is 16" long, and the spine is about 3/16" (4.71mm) thick. The guard and ferrule are aluminum. The scabbard is factory made, unmarked and resembles those made for British machetes. Searching the web, I found this post which points to the origin.
English Made Kachin Dha
I looks just like plate #481 (EDITED) in Flooks book. I'm wondering if it is a tourist piece, or something made for the Assam Regiment of the Indian Army? Your opinions are welcomed.
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