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Hello Kai,

Thanks for your thoughts. I think these are better pics of the defect and the end of the scabbard. The defect appears to be filled with resin.

Blade length = 10.5 inches
OAL = 15 inches
OAL in scabbard = 16 inches

Thickness of blade in front of hilt = 5/16 inch

Maximum blade width (at hilt) = 3/4 inch
Minimum blade width (near mid-point of blade) = 0.5 inch

The blade does taper towards the tip but not a great deal until about a half-inch from the tip where it tapers fairly acutely to the point. The sharpened edge starts about 3.5 inches from the hilt. For a blade that is not very wide it is quite sturdy and thick. Probably a good thrusting weapon.


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