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Default Dutch Cutlass?

Hi Jasper

I think my example is also one that has clearly employed a Solingen blade, hence my initial thoughts in agreement with that of the previous owner is a date being late circa 1500s or early 1600s. The particular wolf mark and anchor marks support this and as suggested the hilt appears consistent with the blade. No issue with it being Dutch though, until I looked through Sim Comfortís book I was unaware of the Dutch cutlasses with shell guards.

I think, when my friend (sadly now deceased so I can't ask him) originally dated this sword he used Dufty as his reference (see attached exerts from Dufty and Peterson). It certainly looks strikingly similar and has a very similar German blade. I have been looking for a reference book on early Dutch arms but all I have found in one on Firearms at this stage. I will start collecting examples for my data base and as I am currently scanning every book in my Arms and Armour library perhaps I will come across other examples in the process.

So at this stage we agree it is not a riding sword and it is a Cutlass, age still up for further debate I think. I am leaning toward 17th century but canít convince myself itís as late as the 18th with that blade.

Cheers Cathey and Rex
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