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Default Dutch Cutlas?

Hi Jasper

I also looked at the Dutch Hanger in Sim Comfortís book but the shell and pommel configuration of this particular sword appear earlier to me. It actually compares more closely to the one featured on page 5 EW5 and this blade is also of German manufacture.

Personally, given the blade on this sword I struggle to accept that the cutlass is as late as the 18th century. The sword does not appear to be a marriage of earlier blade with a later hilt; they appear to have been together for a very long time. The balance is wonderful it is simply a pleasure to hold.

Does anyone know how long these Dutch Clam shell cutlassís where around, and when they first started to appear. There is a lot of variation out there in the shell design and some of the other Dutch ones I have seen are far cruder than this one. The ones featured in the link do not look to be as old as this one. I actually have a Rapier with a similar shell guard, so it looks like the design was utilised across Europe for an extensive period.

Cheers Cathey
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