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Even if you had the time Jens I very much doubt that you would have been able to find any reference to support your statement - for the simple reason that none exist.

Drilled holes in Indian blades are not uncommon. When present in groups of three arranged in triangles they might represent a trademark of a manufacturing principality like Sirohi or we can speculate that they might be symbolic representation of the Indian Trinity (Trimurti) in the shape of Brahma (Creator),
Vishnu (Preserver), and Shiva (Destroyer).

When drilled holes are present along the midline of the blade as in your example they are merely the sign of a reused blade. The holes being used to rivet the brace of the original hilt and later filled with metal for aesthetic reasons when a new hilt and a different brace were added.

I wish you a Merry Christmas as well !
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