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Hi Sylektis.

What a beautiful and interesting Balkan style pistol. I don't recall ever seeing one with this many markings. Even the side plate. Glad you were able to get a translation. The side plate and trigger are really interesting. Never seen a trigger done that way.
The lock is one of the most common style of miquelet seen on Eastern guns. Very robust and reliable. And it appears to have a maker's mark in gold.
The barrel itself is really interesting. Besides all the markings, the barrel started life as the typical octagon to round style most seen on these pistols. But, the "twist" effect the entire length of the round portion is a first for me. This would have taken a long time to make. Very Cool !!!
While it's generally known that none of these Balkan style pistols are exactly alike (unless made as a pair), this one is very different. A great looking - and super interesting pistol for your collection. Congratulations.

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