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Default A Klewang for comments

Hi everybody. I like to get some more information on that Klewang (?) total length 68 cm. On the original pictures there was only a minor structure visible in the blade. After a light etching there is a composite structure visible. A hard, black edge, after that a softer bar, a bar of damascus/pamor steel and at the back softer steel/iron again. The blade starts with 8 mm thickness at the hilt and goes continues down to 2 mm. A wide conkav fuller over the hole length in the area of the softer iron and a convex edge in the area of the black steel. The hilt is covered with a kind of wax or laquer. At the end a plate of bone I think. I have not seen a hilt like this in the zonneveld on a klewang. Maybe Im wrong with the definition Klewang ?

How old is blade and hilt ( maybe assembled later again ) ? What is the laquer on the hilt ? Any other comments /information will be welcome.

Best regards and merry x-mas to all

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