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Yes, correct Timo.

I threw the idea of casting into the mix because of two things:- some suggestions that it might have been cast as a continuation of bronze casting, and the fact that I cannot find any authoritative opinions of the KT dagger being forged.

On my monitor I cannot see any evidence of it being forged, but I'm certain that in the hand that evidence would be obvious. What I'd like to see is somebody who has handled it and who knows exactly what he is looking at to have published that it is forged.

I personally think it was.

There seems to be good evidence that iron working technology appeared in India before anywhere else. The Vedic Peoples had Aryan roots, the Hittites and Mitanni were also from Aryan roots.They worshipped the same Gods. I wonder if there was contact between the New Hittite Kingdom and the Vedic Peoples of India?

It seems that the formation of the New Hittite Kingdom coincides with the beginning of iron working technology in India. We know that in the early 17th century BC Indo-Aryans were moving from the East to the west and through the Middle East.

I tend to think that when the requisite research has been carried out, and from my enquiries it appears to be something that is still ongoing with as yet no definite conclusions, we might find that Hittite iron technology has its roots in Indo-Vedic or Indo-Aryan culture, which in effect can push the beginning of Hittite iron age technology back to 1500BC, which just happens to coincide with the time by which the Hittites had developed viable iron weapons.

My personal opinion remains the same as it has been from the beginning of this thread, and in fact for a very long time before this thread began, and that is that the King Tut Dagger was a product of Hittite technology.

Incidentally, I have finished reading the papers that were so generously bestowed upon me, and I now have no doubt at all that the material of the King Tut Dagger is of meteoritic origin.

Facts seem to have a half-life of about 45 years (Arbesman) so this meteoritic origin might not be a fact forever, but as at right now it seems to be a pretty good imitation of a fact.
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