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Default Austrian Artillery Officer's sword

This sword was delivered today, appears to be a 20c but pre-ww1 Austro-Hungarian Imperial officers sword,

30 in. unsharpened blade, has about a half mm 'edge', 1 1/8 in. wide at guard, 1/4 in. thick at guard, distal taper to point, single fuller both sides. Grip just under 5 in., peened pommel. I count 9 transverse lines across the back strap. Grip covered in snakeskin, remains of brass single and twisted wire binding. Scabbard has a single fixed ring and one staple-like one diagonally across nearer the throat for a strap. Scabbard is chromed, the blade is as well. Sword ex scabbard weighs 453 grams (about a pound).

Guard has the typical Austrian shape with two slots, I'm guessing for a sword knot/portepee (?). Sprinkles of rust on scabbard & a few on the guard. Blade is bright with one teeny spot on the edge and a couple on the spine near the guard & the red cushion piece. Scabbard has no seperate throat piece, not sure it ever had one. Can't see anyplace it was or any screw holes. fits sword nicely & held in place well.

The blade has crisp engraved designs for about 6 in. either side of the blade, and along the spine. The design is slightly different on both sides, as is the script writing in the shields either side. My eyes can't quite make out the writing. I'd appreciate anyone who can. Is it a std. design and manufacturer?

I see Wien (Vienna) in one at the bottom of the script, but it doesn't appear in the script on the other side, which is somewhat different in any case. The figures above the shields are also different, but have some common features, what appears to be a sword hilt for one. One side has a definite cannon, but not the other. Blade is so shiny and the engraving lines so fine they don't photograph well. Can't get a good shot of the shield on the side opposite of the wien one.

Artillery Officer's? Thanks in advance for your comments.
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