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A very famous and highly professional and talented bladesmith from Russia by the name Leonid Arkhangelski described in his book ď Damascus SteelĒ his attempts to make a knife blade out of a meteorite. It was an abject failure: whether cold or hot, it crumbled under the hammer. Eventually, he had to mix regular iron with small quantities of meteorite pieces, melt it completely and only then was he able to make a blade with a very symbolic meteorite content.
AFAIK, bladesmiths from Java also added tiny amounts of the Prambanan meteorite to their krises.

Thus, I doubt the pure meteorite origin of the Tutís blade. IMHO, it is a single example imported from a society wth available iron ores.
Although we do not know composition of the purported Tutís meteorite, Occam usually rules.
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