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Originally Posted by Foxbat
Yes, I know what the tap is, I have tons of them in my workshop. I guess my question is - if it is generally understood that a nut-and-bolt pair was not uncommon in the early 16th century, then this approach can be viable. However, generally speaking, screws on weapons became common in the 18th century - usually attaching the guard to the pommel.

In reality I might make two versions, one with the screw, and the other one with the spring.

be creative & don't forget to post photos these swords are i gather, rather uncommon and those with crossbars even more so.

p.s. if you look at a tap and die set with shaving channels that match the width of the cutting teeth on the matching piece, you can see where some bright spark figured out the interrupted thread breech used on artillery breech loaders and even bolt action rifles and some automatics mid 19c and to now.
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