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yes I can understand that, you would probably expect a H-pommel in the period 1250-1350.Like on the few surviving examples
The pommel of above sword is a subtype of H, of type H1, oval in shape instead of round.
This pommel was common and spread in Europe from 1350-1425, mostly on hand-and-a-half and two-hand swords and of course in combination with the blade forms that were used during this period, often stabbingblades fe XVIa, XVII
nonetheless, this oval pommel variation can be seen earlier, already in 13thC art , on early frescoes in Eastern Europe. fe. Zica Monestry 1220 in Serbia and 2 others in Kosovo.

I found this pommel in combination with XII blade, a almost similar recess I have seen on a type of Z pommel.
it would be interesting to see a sword with a H1 pommel with a similar recess.

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