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Originally Posted by cornelistromp
all I know is that the sword comes from a Hungarian collection and according to the collector it was in his possession for over 20 years, on the sword was mentioned wisiqradi, I do not know if this is the name of a collection or if it is a location where it was found.

I was also thinking of an Eastern European or Baltic origin.

ps: did you see the snake/mythical animal somewhere before?

Hungary... not so far off then! Searching for more comparisons from Hungary has not turned up anything interesting though. "Wisigradi" as in Visegrád perhaps?

Marks of zigzags and wavy lines are not so uncommon, but I can't think of anything that quite compares to the "head" of the snake here...

I think the pommel itself is a little unusual/unexpected; I'll try to post soon some examples that have similar pommels yet differ in all other details.
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