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Default medieval sword with rune script.

medieval sword, Oakeshott type 12
Origin: east Europe, Baltic states.
the sword is large in size, with a grip of 13 cm more 1 1/2 hander.
length 103cm, blade 83cm, blade width 5.5cm.

just before the unicorn inlay there are 2 characters inlayed, probably rune script.
if it is rune, the first character is the letter A and stands for "Ansuz" God, second character is not known to me. On the other side of the blade a snake or mythical animal is depicted, with the head facing the hilt.

the cross is ribbon-shaped and end in points that recede to the tip of the blade.
besides the Cawood castle sword type of swords, (actually a different cross shape) only one such identical cross is known to me.

a few years ago I have received ,probably from the writer, a publication in the Russian language about early swords found in the Baltic states.
at P 89 it shows a sword with almost the same hilt.

my Russian is not so good, maybe someone can tell me something about this sword? where it is found where it is now.
information about the rune script is also very much appreciated.

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