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Recently added this small signal /starter cannon to my collection.Most of my cannons are from India and South east Asia.This one is from Europe.Has the monogram "HF" on it ,could some one tell me what that stands for,while doing some research I came up with an old auction site which had one of this type of cannons.
Provenance-A Small bronze starter's Cannon,the top with cartouche in relief framing the monogram "HF",wooden cradle .length of Cannon 275
Provenance :From the Fosters Ship Chandlery collection,they formed part of the "mini museum "giving the business a uniquely old -fashioned ambience .Fosters Ship Chandlery of Fanshawe Street Auckland ,New Zealand was established by Alex Foster back in 1907 and from the 1950's saw three generations of the Street family as owners and operators .Its closure Brings an end to a landmark waterfront business operating from the same premises for over 100 years.Having served the maritime industry of Auckland .and further afield their closure brings an end of an era.
Regards Rajesh
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