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Hi Stu.

Thanks for the coments. Yes, it's really a strange creation. You would have thought that the builder would have at least done even a rudimentary research as to what the gun looked like before doing all this work. But, no loss here. The price was easily doable just to obtain the barrel.
NO, I don't own an original, complete gun. And honestly, have never tried to seriously obtain one. But I've always thought the barrels were so interesting and full of mystery. So I couldn't pass this one up when the opportunity arose.
Yes, the barrel appears in nice shape. No corrosion that I can detect so far. Just a nice smooth even patina. I'll take the barrel off the stock this weekend and see if there is anything of interest. I'll give it a light oil cleaning while I'm at it.

Hi Richard.

Thanks for your coments. As you mention, Elgood dates these fluted barrels to the 17th Century. But there does not seem to be any conclusive evidence as to their original origins. Persian, German, ?? But the speculation is very interesting.
I am not planning at present to re-stock the barrel in a more correct, representative manner. But it's a "maybe" down the road. LOL Too many other gun projects at present. But I am sure happy to get this barrel. Especially in such nice condition.

FLASH !!! I just realized there is an obstruction in the bore, at the breech end, about 3" long. And, when you run a wood rod through the bore, and bounce it a couple times, it has that familiar sound of wood against lead.
Will have to investigate this weekend and report back. Could be an old load !! Stay tuned.......

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