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I think Rick meant he does not have another, that this is his first. I am sure he will put me right if I am mistaken!

Very nice barrel!
According to Elgood, these Fluted barrels aren17th C.
The 18th C and later ones he shows are not fluted, but still very nice barrels.

I am still "all of a squirm" wanting to know Exactly where these barrels came from, and what they looked like in their original stocking up.

It was very interesting to me, when I saw that Tipu Sultan had two of these barrels in his collection, stocked up in more modern European style, And that the poincons of silver were also missing as we see in most cases now.
This must mean that they have been in many cases missing for a very long time indeed!
I do not see them inthis case, but you are well aware of them I am sure.

Pity the clown drilled the tang but I am sure you can correct it.
Please keep us posted about the re-stocking.
Somewhere I may have an Omani stock, or part of it anyway!

Is the bore OK?

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