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Default Omani Matchlock Barrel - Abu Fathilah

Hello all.

I don't have one of these Omani guns in my collection. But I have always wanted one of the barrels. Well, I now have one. I just could have never thought I would obtain one in this manner. LOL
Judging by the stock, someone in the latter 20th Century built this gun from scratch, but utilizing an original Abu Fathilah barrel !!! I have no idea if it was built for shooting or just for display. Seems like a lot of work just for display. I'll check the bore to see if there is any evidence of recent black powder usage.
The trigger and serpintine are fully functional. Anyway, everything is wrong with this gun except the original barrel. It has a jazail type stock that looks like it's from a Sindh gun, and a serpentine from a chinese gun. LOL Obviously, the builder had no idea what an Omani matchlock is supposed to look like. Too bad. Alot of work when into making this.
I bought the gun VERY cheap, so it really doesn't matter. It was worth the price just to get the barrel from it, which is all I really wanted.
Since this Forum is for original items, I will post just one photo of the gun as I received it, and the other photos of the barrel only, unless other members want to see additional photos - and the Moderator will allow it. I can always PM other members.
I re-read some of the Threads/Posts on these guns and barrels which are very interesting. I can't imagine how long it must have taken to make these barrels.
Anyway, this barrel appears similar to others posted here in the past. It seems in good condition with a heavy patina, but smooth all over. There appears to be two deep makers marks at the breech. The barrel is 46" long and .55 caliber. While some of the decoration at the breech is worn, the barrel appears to be in good condition. There is probably no way to accurately date these barrels since they were made/used over such a long period of time.
So, I now have a Abu Fathilah barrel to add to my collection. Don't know what to do with the rest of the gun LOL

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