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Jim, can you define disposition as opposed, in the context, to attitude ?
I have mirrored one of the examples and have put both in confront. I believe that, if these two sail guards appeared in a book wuth the description that they have been made in the same workshop, readers wouldn't doubt it.
In reiterating my difficulty to check 'rudimentary' pommels with those 'prototypes' classified by Norman, i see no trace of familiarity between Jan-Luc's & my three examples (per post #9 ) and Norman's type 88. And i confess that, discerning that one is a previous or later variant of the other, is something beyond my reach. In any case, i am afraid it takes more than a guess to state with certainty and firmness the age of Jean-Luc's sword judging by its pommel; starting by the timespan of this (so to say) type appearing to encompass a vast universe of hilt/guard variants.

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