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Its all in perception. While I see the thread on the FDL here as extremely informational, especially with the initial material on this symbol in use in Portugal indeed the topic could be perceived by some as historical or heraldic, and perhaps not related to weapons.

However, indeed the discussion on the FDL is pertinent toward weaponry as armorial bearings are among the varied symbolism which might be represented using this particular symbol. We have established in some of the discussions mentioned on other threads that actually while the FDL is almost instantly associated with France, it was clearly used in other contexts in many representations.

In some discussions, these aspects of variation might be perceived as distracting in examination of a particular weapon, despite those aspects being factors in evaluating the proper context as applied.

It does seem that in discussions, those reading will often see elements brought in as relevant or perhaps not, just as the character of the discussion may seem one way or another.

I think sometimes certain details can sometimes be lost when important material concerned on a topic is amidst a discussion under another heading and as in this case, it is more directly accessible.
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