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Originally Posted by Jim McDougall
It seems there has been a great deal of discussion and consternation over the symbolism of the fleur de lis, and which has been a topic in a couple of concurrent threads. It is good to have this thread to discuss the broader symbolic and historic values of the FDL (fluer de lis) without major detraction from the central topics of the other threads.

Dear Jim, where you find consternation, i would not .
This thread was indeed started to 'make a case' in that, the all time iris/lily symbol was present, for one, in armour, other than a mark on sword blades, which virtual connotation might have in several cases been relegated to less, may i say, romantic horizons, like those of an appealing trade mark. Notwithstanding (my) unknown evidence that ancient swords already carried this symbol; and that would be my ignorance ... always correctable .
Hence this not been an arms related topic but, nevertheless, an armour related one .
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