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Originally Posted by fernando
In the context, i would say go ahead. But instead of posting it in a separate thread, why not posting it right here ?

Hi Fernando

Well, I didn't want to corrupt Mark's Thread here by going off in a direction of various transition locks from the 1600-1650 period. Thought it might be a topic for another discussion.
I have about four locks from this period. While all are exact replicas with the castings taken from original locks, they are still replicas. It might be of interest to the gun enthusiasts on the Forum to view some examples of lock making between the wheellock and what we call the true (French) flintlock periods. The problem is, these locks (as well as the guns) are so rare, it would be difficult to locate anyone who has them. LOL
But, I will leave the decision up to you. I can always send Richard a PM.

Thanks for considering.

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