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Originally Posted by Madnumforce
Hello Fernando and Benoît,
Second, thank you very much for the identification! But Searching on the web for the difference between the 1836 and 1851 pattern I don't see much at first glance. Does the book give any precision on that regard?

Hello again,

Internet is great to interact, but books are still a valuable resource !!

I shall quote the book "This was basically the M1836 sabre with a few alterations : The back-piece was to be stepped instead of rounded and the knuckle guard was to be altered so that the upper part curved outwards even more. The crosspiece was also altered in that where, in the M1836, it had joined directly with the knuckle guard, there was now a small extension to prevent the sword knot or portepee from slipping"

I must admit that I do not understand the part about the back-piece and photos do not help me much.

Yet the joining of the crosspiece with the knuckle guard is characteristic. On the 1836, it just looks as if the crosspiece was just bent at a right angle to become the knuckle guard. On your example, you can clearly see both the 'external' extension and the 'internal' addition which strengthens the link.



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