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Default Early 19c transitional sabre?

picked this one up today.

31 in. curved field sharp wide fullered blade 1 3/4 in. wide at guard, around 1/4 in. thick there. 1 3/8 in. wide at tip end of fuller. first few inches of spine are sharp. no visible markings blade has some tarnished patination, no active red rust areas, bit of light pitting at the join with the guard, might be a broad arrow stamp in there. might be wishful thinking.

spiral grooved wood grip in steel three bar guard no twisted wire. forte end of outer bar has a brazed repair where it rejoins the rest of the guard. guard is quite roughlypitted, no holes or weak areas. tang peened. all tight.

weight is 650 grams.

Blade is essentially the 1796 LC pattern, it fits my 1796LC sabre scabbard, except for the last 4 in. which swells a tad wider on this one, overall blade is about 4 in. shorter than the 1796LC. was described as a cutlass, but doesn't look like any in my british naval sword book.

any info that y'all have will be helpful and appreciated.
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