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Originally Posted by Pukka Bundook
Dear Cerjak,

I can see the touchhole has no liner screwed in, as would be the case if altered back from percussion, But, the area of the touchhole has No patina either, in an area that typically has Much More patina (Rust & pitting) than anywhere else. Also, we see a different coloured metal around the touchhole, which to me says welding.

There is no other way to account for this, plus the cock, pan, and (frizzen)having no rust/pitting, Plus the frizzen having absolutely No wear, than that this pistols re-converted.

I am not trying to find fault, but this is as it is.
I would advise putting this pistol up on another antique arms forum, and see what they say.

Kindest regards,


May be this pictures could help you .. I don't see any trace of welding
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