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Originally Posted by Ibrahiim al Balooshi
The excellence in gunnery by the Shannons skipper showed up well in contact. He was the innovator of several methods of coordinating and directing the guns. As you say the Brits were devastating at close range with the Cutlass and many casualties ensued. Arguably this was the fiercest engagement where boarding parties were used at sea in history! The Captain also introduced stick fighting in preparation for Cutlass training...A ploy that also seems to have worked. He also stopped a sword or cutlass with his head, unfortunately, but survived though he would be unable to command again. He was obviously an officer imbued with the right leadership spirit of Leadership from the Point of the Spear !!!

An account of this event with this captain is told in "British Naval Swords & Swordsmanship", (John McGrath and Mark Barton, 2013, p14)where there is an account titled 'Treatment of a Wound from a Sabre Cut' given.

Apparently Captain P.B.V. Broke of the Shannon while boarding the Cheasapeake, received a serious blow to the head with a sword which extended from top of his head across the left parietal bone to his ear. He was badly weakened from blood loss and underwent a period of recovery, and apparently as noted did not ever command a ship again, but was awarded a title of Baron for his valor and achievements.
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