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Hi Fernando.

Frames 6 and 7 do indeed look like there were belt hooks attached at some point.
I don't recall seeing any belt hooks on full-size shoulder muskets. And there would be no need for one since the heavy muskets were equiped with shoulder slings. The only regulation belt hook I can recall was on the Spanish Light Weight Military Escopeda. And they were longer than the hooks for pistols.
I also believe that many of these guns were not assembled with belt hooks, bur added later by their owners.

Here is a Spanish and English pistol with belt hooks added later sometime back in the period. The hook on the Spanish pistol looks a bit crude compared to the rest of the gun. The hook on the English pistol, while well done, looks like it was added later since the engraving does not match with the rest of the pistol.

They seem so common on Spanish pistols that I see more of them with belt hooks than not.

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