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By the time i acquired this pistol i knew nothing about these things (still i don't) and my ignorance persuated to believe and state most of the above posted nonsense. I would say most, as obviously what concerns the lock and his well know smith master are a straight fact.
As for the rest, i regret tat i failed to revisit this thread and correct a few vital details, as learnt a couple months later from someone more qualified to have an opinion on these items. So quoting the man:
To start with, the stock is a late clumsy work. The barrel is typical of Liege 1740-1750; the ranmrod swivel a later addition. The brass butt cap would be Spanish. The 18th. century trigger guard typically Poruguese, but had its width trimmed, as was originally from a shoulder gun. Eventually the Portuguese lock was also the model for a musket.
And the more bombastic assessment was that the barrel, originally for a flint lock, was once modified to a percussion version and ... later converted back to serve again a flint lock. Go figure how this is plausible, and what knowledge needs an expert to notice these details, just by looking at a pistol.
In any case i could not go without reposition the truth, even this late; more important to assume what this pistol is not, than not necessarily what it is.
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