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Originally Posted by F. de Luzon
Out of curiosity, is there a way to tell if a keris blade has been artificially aged?

I agree with Josť. I have no suspicions that your keris was artificially aged. Often it can be obvious based on the look of the wear patterns. There might be severe pitting, but edges remain unusually sharp or some other unusual contradiction in appearance. When you see blades like these they will automatically look suspicious. But i have heard of blades where the process is done well enough to at least fool a well trained Keris Ahli for a time.
It should also be noted that artificial keris aging isn't always done to fool. Within certain collecting circles (this probably only applies to Javanese keris) an aged look is the preferred look so new blades will receive this process with the buyer knowing that the keris is new. It is only when such blades are presented as antique that we have a problem.
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