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Some years ago, I read that George Washington had among his swords, a mourning sword with a Spanish motto. I was curious why one of the swords we have known as a Spanish dragoon type sword (usually a 'bilbo' type) would be in this context. I had not discovered more and did not pursue it.

When this book came out, I remembered that information and hoped to find more on the mysterious 'Spanish ' mourning sword.

Instead I found what was listed as a M1767 French officers epee. It was noted that this sword was often regarded as Washington's mourning sword as it was worn by him to funerals. It apparently had inscriptions in Latin, 'recti face ice' (=do what is right'); 'nemine timeas' (= fear no man).
It seems perhaps this may have been perceived as Spanish? in references to Washington's mourning sword, which refer to it as his 'Spanish dress sword'.

In other reading I found that there are two swords associated with Washington which are 'whereabouts unknown'.
One of these was apparently a 'mourning sword' with blackened mounts, belt and swivels ordered and received from London June, 1773 upon the death of his daughter Patsy.

it would appear that the mysterious Spanish mourning sword that I had seen referred to was apparently the French M1867 with Latin inscriptions, and not the blackened mounts sword which is no longer known as far as its whereabouts .
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