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Alan, thank you so much for that fascinating insight into possibilities for these otherwise presumably decorative symbolisms. There are profound complexities in Hindu symbolism, but as Indian weaponry has in many cases been observed as holding much inherent value in these religious aspects it must be strongly considered. Often what seems to the uninitiated to be simple aesthetic decoration has much deeper meaning.

As you well point out, these kinds of symbolism transcend weapon forms but remain inherent in many which are attributed to those of Hindu Faith.

Jens, I know what you mean about recognizing your well known place in the study of these katars as just a collector, but powerfully advanced in this field. Very, very few collectors ever pursue the history, development and classification of these the way you have, and frankly I am extremely proud of what I have learned from you these many years.

That set aside, I look forward to the examples, and Alan's observation on this decoration is excellent. As Ibrahiim has noted, this distinct design of the linear 'V's does occur on Omani arms, and I wonder if perhaps the notable trade from coastal India to Arabia may account for such occurrence?
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