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I know nothing about katars, but I do understand a little about Hindu symbolism.
What I offer below is merely a suggestion for further research by those who may have an interest in the katar.

The katar can be regarded as principally a Hindu weapon form, and viewed from the perspective of Hindu symbolism, it is full of Shivatic iconography . The blade itself and fullers within the blade are triangles, in fact when in the hand, upward pointing triangles, symbolic of Shiva and the masculine principle.

Downward pointing triangles are symbolic of the female principle and of the Shakti of Shiva, Parvati. In the case of the VVVV in question, we can see positive and negative triangles, the physically present triangles, and the triangles represented by the spaces, thus we have both male and female triangles, male and female symbols

In this ornamentation of a series of triangles I believe it is possible that research may show that the number, and possibly the way in which the triangles are presented will have a specific interpretation, one that may be linked to the male/female principle but not directly representing this. Alternatively, if the VVVV border is read as male + female it can represent community and/or the cosmos.

It may be worthwhile to try to gain an understanding of the Hindu concept of the One God. In short, God is everywhere, nothing exists but God.

So if we look at a katar from the iconographic perspective, we have Shivatic symbolism and if we look at the VVVVV border we possibly have symbolism that can be understood in terms of Shivatic iconography.

I repeat:- the above is just a signpost. A little time spent on investigating the relevant questions will give more.
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