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Default Moro Kriss Restored

This Moro kriss was bought on eBay a couple of months ago. My original fascination with it was with the unique and lovely hilt, but after our own Battara restored the blade I have an all new respect for that feature. It took a heavy cleaning from Battara to get the blade ready for etching.He also restored the silver to the blade. Note the blade is very carefully tempered in a manner that the chiseled fullers seem to take full advantage with the silver creating a panel of the central laminations. I am not sure if the line created by the careful tempering towards the edge, almost highlighting the forging flaw and almost making it attractive, is intentional or happenstance.

Battara did a marvelous job with the blade, making the whole piece really "pop"!

I etched this one slightly darker than I normally would to highlight its attractive features.

Comments welcomed.


Overall length: 27.5in.
Blade length: 23.25in.
Blade width at the center of the blade: 1.33in.
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